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i see youIn times of today when security threats are increasing every day every computer or system that has been used to connect to the internet is vulnerable to the prying eyes. There are many kinds of threats that can be found on the internet and these threats are looking for a mere sniff to get their hands on the information you are sharing or receiving. But these prying eyes can be kept at bay by using various types of internet security solutions and once these measures are in place, the use of the internet can be considered secure.

The best way to protect yourself on the internet is the use of a virtual private network. By using a VPN, the user is making sure that all of their information is encrypted and is being shared across a safe channel. And even if the prying eyes are able to detect the communication, they would not able to access the data as it can only be encrypted or decrypted at the either end of a tunnel.

The tunnel is sort of like a private channel that has been established specifically for this communication and will not be valid for any other communication.The cloaking ability of a VPN also keeps your IP hidden and therefore your id is never revealed. Once the id is hidden, it is very hard to determine or relate information back to a user thus keeping everything secure over the internet. You can browse the internet from the USA and other websites would see as you were browsing from Canada. You can find server list on this link:

Another recommended internet security solution is known as SSH tunneling. The usage of this method anonymizes the connection to the proxy and thus makes it impossible for it to be detected. However, an SSH encryption tunnel cannot be used without the proxy for anonymizing. It is also often mistaken for a VPN tunnel which is not the case as SSH can be used along with a proxy.

securityAnother type of internet security solution that can be used in the socks proxy protocol. There are two kinds of the socks proxy: socks 4 and socks 5. Socks 4 allows the services to be accessed with TCP protocols only while socks 5 allows for UDP protocols to be anonymized. Both socks 4 and socks 5 are not compatible at the same time. Many applications offer this kind of protocol, however, the lack of encryption makes the channel of communication vulnerable to interceptions.

The fourth type of internet security solution is the usage of a web proxy. An open IP address is set in your browser setting and all the activity that is taking place on the internet is routed through that IP address. The main purpose of this solution was to hide your IP address, however, no all open IP addresses are able to do that. However, the usage of such a solution is advised with caution as there can be many hackers who use an open proxy to get their hands on information you would not have liked to share.

There can also be web-based redirectors which allow users access to a certain website through

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